Microsoft Teams – Fixing Dark Camera Video

Another day, another Teams workaround. So as we’re all working from home I’ve been trying to use the camera more as time goes on, which has led me to another problem, my camera video is extremely dark, but only in Teams!

Luckily, the great Teams community has come up with a great and fairly quick workaround for this problem.

Honest I’m here!

If you’re affected by this issue be sure to vote on User Voice to get some Microsoft acknowledgement of this issue –

The Solution

This fix is taken from the User Voice forums and was submitted by Umar.

  1. Download and install ManyCams (Free Version).
  2. Open ManyCam.
  3. Select ‘Continue as guest’ or sign up.
  4. In Teams go to the profile icon at the top right then Settings.
  5. Navigate to ‘Devices’.
  6. Change the ‘Camera’ drop-down to be ‘ManyCam Virtual Webcam’.
  7. The preview should now show a clear and bright image.
  8. Close ManyCam, it will continue running in the background

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