PowerShell – Getting all Users in Domain Users Group – 5000+ Users

I recently needed to generate a report of all Domain Users which brought up a few interesting issues, the first is that members aren’t actually listed as members of the group which removes the ability to use a lot of the standard PowerShell commands to produce a report on it, plus the group had well over 5000 users which again limits the commands available to … Continue reading PowerShell – Getting all Users in Domain Users Group – 5000+ Users

How to Easily Migrate your Entire On-Prem DNS to Azure

So as with many companies we’re shifting to a Cloud environment from aging physical systems, as part of this I came across a requirement to migrate our entire On-Premise DNS System which is hosted on a Windows Server into Azure.

I wasn’t about to start migrating a few hundred individual DNS Zones in this case as that doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun when it’s a seemingly repetitive task that I could instead script up so that’s what I did.

The instructions and code below are meant to get you in the right direction, the script is not necessarily production ready and could be improved greatly, if you take the time to do so please comment with any alterations you make and I’ll include them in this article.

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Active Directory – How to Generate a Group Membership Report

Another small one today, the script below will generate a nice csv export of every single group and it’s active user membership from Active Directory. The next step would likely be to turn it into a nice Pivot Table for reviewing.

It should be fairly straightforward to change it to show all users or all users & computers etc as required.

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Powershell – Error Logging Module

This is my new blog to discuss various things that don’t fit into SPandCRM.com. I’ll be posting various things from PowerShell clips, exam study notes and pretty much anything else I feel like doing a write-up on.

We quite often use PowerShell scripts in scheduled tasks and the likes to carry out automated maintenance, backups etc as many people do. But how do you handle when things go wrong?

This small script aims to solve that by allowing logging and email notifications to be easily set up in any PowerShell script. Simply drop it in at the top and follow the instructions to enable easy logging of your scripts.

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