How to Improve Audio Quality and Remove Delays Over Remote Desktop

Due to working from home for the past year or so now I’ve had to adopt certain new practices in order to remain productive, one of these is using my home computer and remoting into my work laptop using Remote Desktop Connection so that I can easily use all of my monitors, my keyboard and mouse, headsets etc without having to move all the cables every time I want to jump between them.

After buying a little switch and getting everything properly connected via ethernet it improved the experience dramatically, however, I still had an odd audio issue in Teams and other areas where audio quality was often quite poor and there was a delay in the audio of a second or so which is extremely disorientating when in calls with others.

Luckily there is a solution.

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How to Clear the Microsoft Teams Cache

We’ve all been in a situation where suddenly you can’t chat to people, or you can’t access files anymore since trying to load anything just leads to a blank page and numerous other Teams bugs. Often the first step in troubleshooting any issue with Teams should be to clear the Teams cache, this will force Teams to redownload any cached files and solve a myriad … Continue reading How to Clear the Microsoft Teams Cache

Microsoft Teams – Fixing Dark Camera Video

Another day, another Teams workaround. So as we’re all working from home I’ve been trying to use the camera more as time goes on, which has led me to another problem, my camera video is extremely dark, but only in Teams!

Luckily, the great Teams community has come up with a great and fairly quick workaround for this problem.

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Microsoft Teams – Fix Auto-Adjusting Microphone Audio

So I’ve been dealing with a typically Teams issue, during certain calls Teams would decide that me talking was too similar to static, even on a high-quality microphone. The obvious solution is to disable “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” which should stop any applications from controlling the audio level but it appears that Teams ignores this entirely and will continue to adjust it as it feels.

In this article I’ll cover a fairly simple workaround until Teams either fixes what i would consider a bug or gives us the ability to disable the auto-levelling functionality.

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