Connecting Raspberry Pi 4 to NRF51822 Bluetooth Chip using OpenOCD

This’ll be a rather technical short article on how to properly connect a Raspberry PI 4 to an NRF51822 Nordic Semiconductor SoC chip. The NRF51822 is a very small low energy Bluetooth chip that I’ll be using in my Honours project as a gateway between a Bluetooth Low Energy device and a ESP8266 WiFi chip with the overall goal being to create a smart tracker … Continue reading Connecting Raspberry Pi 4 to NRF51822 Bluetooth Chip using OpenOCD

Microsoft Teams – Fixing Dark Camera Video

Another day, another Teams workaround. So as we’re all working from home I’ve been trying to use the camera more as time goes on, which has led me to another problem, my camera video is extremely dark, but only in Teams!

Luckily, the great Teams community has come up with a great and fairly quick workaround for this problem.

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Microsoft Teams – Fix Auto-Adjusting Microphone Audio

So I’ve been dealing with a typically Teams issue, during certain calls Teams would decide that me talking was too similar to static, even on a high-quality microphone. The obvious solution is to disable “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” which should stop any applications from controlling the audio level but it appears that Teams ignores this entirely and will continue to adjust it as it feels.

In this article I’ll cover a fairly simple workaround until Teams either fixes what i would consider a bug or gives us the ability to disable the auto-levelling functionality.

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OneDrive B2B Guest Sharing – Sorry, OneDrive can’t add your folder right now

Short article today, so we’ve been dealing with the new OneDrive guest B2B Sync which is a feature currently in preview, we followed all of the initial setup instructions yet it still wouldn’t work.

We would constantly receive “Sorry, OneDrive can’t add your folder right now” when trying to sync a library which the guest user had full access to. After 4 hours on a call with Microsoft support and verifying every setting we could possibly think of I noticed a limitation which we had initially missed.

The reason turned out to be fairly simple and an oversight on our part, but it’s something many of you can easily fall into if you are following the latest Microsoft best security practices.

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Apple Internet Accounts Approval Required

By disabling the ability for users in your Office tenant to consent to apps (best security practice) you may run into an issue when your first Apple iPhone user tries to access their work emails similar to the image below –

So there’s two ways around this, you can either –

In this article I’ll cover how to quickly authorise the application, before that though I’d like to explain why opening up the ability to consent to apps to any user is a bad idea – What is the illicit consent grant attack in Office 365?

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Migrating Azure VM’s from On-Premise AD to Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AAD DS)

This will be a fairly short article on my experience migrating Azure Virtual Machines that were connected to our On-Premise Domain Controllers to Azure Active Directory Domain Services (DS). Luckily most of the servers had been configured in such a way as to reduce the usage of any domain users which simplified the process greatly, but I will cover what things to check below. Firstly, … Continue reading Migrating Azure VM’s from On-Premise AD to Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AAD DS)

How to Easily Migrate your Entire On-Prem DNS to Azure

So as with many companies we’re shifting to a Cloud environment from aging physical systems, as part of this I came across a requirement to migrate our entire On-Premise DNS System which is hosted on a Windows Server into Azure.

I wasn’t about to start migrating a few hundred individual DNS Zones in this case as that doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun when it’s a seemingly repetitive task that I could instead script up so that’s what I did.

The instructions and code below are meant to get you in the right direction, the script is not necessarily production ready and could be improved greatly, if you take the time to do so please comment with any alterations you make and I’ll include them in this article.

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C#/ Unity – Building a 2D Genetic Algorithm

So this article will be a little different to most of what’s on this site, but the benefit to writing your own blog is you’re not limited on what you can post so here goes!

Today I’ll be demonstrating a 2D genetic algorithm using some fun little aliens, this will basically represent how genetics can diverge over generations, in this case selecting for the reddest coloured alien. I’ll also include how to introduce mutations over several generations.

This article is based on “How to build a genetic algorithm” by Wael Dimassi, which provided a good basis for this work.

This won’t cover any Unity basics as is more focused on the coding aspect.

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Active Directory – How to Generate a Group Membership Report

Another small one today, the script below will generate a nice csv export of every single group and it’s active user membership from Active Directory. The next step would likely be to turn it into a nice Pivot Table for reviewing.

It should be fairly straightforward to change it to show all users or all users & computers etc as required.

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