How to Clear the Microsoft Teams Cache

We’ve all been in a situation where suddenly you can’t chat to people, or you can’t access files anymore since trying to load anything just leads to a blank page and numerous other Teams bugs. Often the first step in troubleshooting any issue with Teams should be to clear the Teams cache, this will force Teams to redownload any cached files and solve a myriad of issues.

Clear Teams Cache on Windows

  1. Fully quit Microsoft Teams and ensure it’s not still running in the toolbar at the bottom right of Windows.
  2. Navigate to %appdata%/Microsoft/Teams in a File Window.
  3. Select everything in the folder.
  4. Delete everything.
  5. Open Teams and wait for it to download required files.

Clear Teams Cache on Mac

  1. Quit out of Teams completely.
  2. Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft.
  3. Right-click the Teams folder then select Move to Trash.
  4. Navigate to Keychain Access.
  5. Search for ‘Microsoft Teams’ and delete the entry.
  6. Open Teams and wait for it to download required files.

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12 thoughts on “How to Clear the Microsoft Teams Cache

      1. It’s always worth being cautious of doing this kind of thing. Assuming you’re in the right folder this is a perfectly safe operation, however, if you’re unsure then I’d suggest contacting your IT department if that’s an option.


      1. Hello Shaun, what if I want to reset my Teams completely,ready to loose all the chats and activities. Any guidline for that?


      1. Here’s how to access the Library folder in macOS:
        Switch to the Finder.
        Press and hold down the Option key on the keyboard.
        From the Go menu, select Library, as shown below. The Library folder will open.


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