BlueTooth Low Energy POC Tracking System – Project Timeline

I’ve recently completed an Honours Degree in Software Development and as part of this I spent a few months off and on working on a proof of concept tracking system utilising Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in order to track small asset tags. I believe this system could quite easily be scaled up to an industrial scale with further work but don’t personally plan to follow this up in the near future due to working on other projects. As such I figured I’d release a lot of what I have and hopefully it can help somebody else.

If you do something cool with this then please get in touch, otherwise do with it all as you wish.

This post is one of eight scheduled to be released over the next few weeks, all posts in this series may be found by selecting the tag below.

The table below lists the overall tasks defined as part of this project; some tasks below were started before the defined start date where possible, all tasks were completed before the defined end date.

I questioned whether to post this as part of this series but perhaps seeing a rough overview of how an Honours Projects needs to be scheduled may prove useful to somebody.

CM4700 – Honours Project Requirements   
Project Proposal & Ethics100%01/09/202006/12/2020
Literature Review – Formative100%07/12/202028/02/2021
Litrature Review – Submission100%28/02/202116/05/2021
Requirements Analysis100%01/01/202130/05/2021
Poster & Demo100%01/01/202128/06/2021
Final Report100%01/01/202104/07/2021
Project Tasks   
Define Requirements100%21/12/202027/12/2020
Locate Alternatives100%28/12/202003/01/2021
Research trilateration100%04/01/202110/01/2021
Compare alternative solutions100%11/01/202117/01/2021
Infrastructure Diagram100%18/01/202125/01/2021
Identify Physical Hardware100%26/01/202101/02/2021
Identify Data Processing on hardware100%02/02/202108/02/2021
Research how to connect devices100%09/02/202115/02/2021
Purchase required hardware100%16/02/202122/02/2021
Set up development environment100%23/02/202101/03/2021
Set up BLE Tags100%02/03/202109/03/2021
Create firmware for Bluetooth device100%10/03/202116/03/2021
Create firmware for WiFi device100%17/03/202123/03/2021
Connect devices100%24/03/202130/03/2021
Verify Data passthrough from BLE to Raspberry100%31/03/202106/04/2021
Create Raspberry server software100%07/04/202113/04/2021
Create Raspberry dashboard100%14/04/202120/04/2021
Evaluate project100%21/04/202127/04/2021

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