Android – How to fix ‘Zip Treble Compatibility Error’

I’ve recently been messing around with custom ROM’s, rooting and all that good stuff on Android and came across an issue when trying to re-apply the stock image on my OnePlus Five.

When trying to install the original stock ROM to the device I received the following error message –

E:String resource 'zip_compatible_err' not found. 
Using default value. 
Zip Treble compatibility error! 
Invalid zip file format! 
Error installing zip file 'source'

Although it took me ages to figure this out, the fix is actually very simple –

The Solution

  1. Open the zipped OS file using 7Zip or similar.
  2. Remove the file.
  3. Re-zip the folder if required, but ideally remove the compatibility file using an archive solution that doesn’t require this.
  4. Copy the ROM zip back to the root of the device.
  5. Re-run the install and it should now work.

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